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Hello friend. Thank you for visiting my web site. 
I am very honored, and I have a few questions for you. 

  • Are you searching for significance and meaning and seeking purpose for your life? 
  • Are you alone, yearning for a touch from something... from someone?
  • You may be facing heartache and looking for a remedy that will sooth your soul. Is that you? 
  • Do you feel empty inside, with a deep desire to be “filled” with something of substance and meaning? 
  • You seem to know there is fulfillment for your soul out there somewhere. Do you want to find it?

And what about those of you who are proud and quite sure of yourselves? You have it all together in your life. You are self made and your own person. But sometimes there may be that little tweak of uncertainty that creeps up to surprise you secretly, and you can’t let anyone know that you - you of all people - have questions about life.
I challenge you! 
I won’t tell anyone... I promise.
Please read my Tract and see if you may find answers written there. 

Most of us today have questions about life and about our existence within this life, world and culture which we live. The uncertainty of life, our future and our daily living we experience at times causes us to wonder about who we are and why we are here. We wonder about what our purpose is, and what is our destiny. These questions are timeless, and they have an answer. The answers are timeless and apply to our here-and-now, but the answers also hold eternal significance toward us. 
Please read my Tract and see if you can find those answers here.
  • Do you want to be in the family of God?
  • Do you want to be in God's Kingdom?
  • Do you want eternal life with God?
  • Do you want God's presence with you now?
  • Do you want real hope and confidence in your life right now?

This writing can guide you into a relationship with God Himself - the Creator of the heavens and the earth - in Whom is found the answers to all of life's questions. The source of these is God's word, The Bible. Life is a journey. That which is contained in this writing is a journey. Please take this journey with me. Some of this will be hard to read and hard to consume, but much will bring blessings to you beyond what you could ever imagine. Please read.

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